We effectively Decode People's Inner Motivations:


We use a range of exploratory and psychological approaches to understand People's

Sense of Self, their Emotional Conflicts, Perceptions, Experiences and Aspirations.


We are pioneers of Narrative Psychology in the field of Consumer Insights,

a 'decoding' technique popular in modern psychotherapy which allows us

to understand not only how people experience themselves,

but the critical elements that make them pursue a 'Better Version' of themselves.


Because the answer to what drives people, and

the real meaning and relevance of products and brands lies within these spheres.


 We understand how Brands and Products

align with People's own Narratives and all associated elements.


We map functional-to-emotional experperience paths, we determine Emotional Frames

and how the experience helps resolve Emotional Conflicts, tensions and the pursuit of a 'better tomorrow'.


The result: a sharper and more uniquely expressed Brand Experience

that carries significantly stronger emotional relevance and motivation.



See a selection of short case study videos:

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